Extra credit blog post

In want to take time and reflect on my time in this class for my extra credit blog post.

I learned a lot about a lot of things. Kinda like a jack-of-all trades, but master of none. I learned basic coding, I learned how to start a blog, and I learned how to create a website.

As far as the coding, I really enjoyed it. It was guided enough that even my simple mind could keep up. And I do not technology. At all.

The course was enough to where I would not shy away from the chance to learn Python. I would still end up crying, but the honest attempt would be there.

Starting a blog was a very fulfilling experience.

This helped me find my “voice.” I kinda learned how I like to talk to my audience and what I did not like. I enjoyed adding humor into my post, even the module ones, hoping to make people laugh. I also found the personal blogs to be oddly relieving. As if the opposite side of the internet was actually listening.

As far as the website, it was a developing process. I started with one thing in the mind and it mutated and changed into something that truly felt like me. Something I could press my face against and say, “yes this is mine, my creation.” I would not disown it my work like Dr. Frankenstein and his monster.

Its been an enjoyable semester, and I learned a lot from the out-of- class work. Such as getting my ass on the grind and getting things done.


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