How to get those clicks!!

This week we discussed search engine optimization. Turns out there is some tips and tricks you can use to have yourself pop up on that Google search.

These are super important because, and let us all be very honest with each other, nobody ever clicks past that first page. Unless your desperate and really trying to dig something up.

I am not really trying to go for SEO since the function of my website is a showcase of my writing and work. If I was going to stragetgize I would consider the follwoing three as tools I would use. I Have used the first two in some sense and will discuss that also.


Linking is useful as search engines recognize them as trustworthy pages. I have linked my blog and The Vanguard onto my page. These may help bring on more visitors. This may also help those seeking my page if they include The Vanguard in there search.

Social Media

I have dedicated one of my pages to social media. I opted for this rather than post links on all pages. This allows user to be more easily targeted rather than a buckshot when placing them everywhere.

Keyword targeting

I do not really use this method on my page. However, this can be a really effective method of SEO. Having keywords on my website, such as “Vanguard” and my blogs title may help my website pop up when people search for those items. These may also help employers if they search for those terms.



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