My empty pockets

First of all, let us take a moment to remember that I am a college student. This entails several stereotypes, all of which are true.

Always on the verge of breakdown. I am always one disaster away from my life toppling over. Its not an exaggeration, as college is time where we learn to truly balance life. We learn to balance work, social life and school. A very delicate task that is not easily mastered. The only thing that helps me push through is the fact that everyone, yes everyone, is in the same shit show I am in.

Tired. I can sleep for 24 hours and not receive enough shut eye. It is not mathematically possible to wake up feeling refreshed. I have tried and can tell  you its not possible.

I. AM. BROKE. My pockets are empty, my cup does not even have a drop. Between tuition and alcohol, I do not have spare change. When I check my balance at an ATM all I get is the sad emoji with tears.

So no, I will not be buying a domain. My scholarships do not extend that courtesy, My benefits (as if I had any) do not cover this expense. Hosting is also not an option. There is no reimbursement funds, no compensation for the expenditure.

That being said, I can still fantasize the fun it would be to have my own domain, something my own to personalize.

I fancy something along the lines of or maybe

The last one is a bit long, but a highly accurate imagery of my life. Think of it, how many times do you think WTF in a Walmart parking lot.



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