Jeremih was at the Mitchell Center

SOOO, I popped my concert cherry, and it was…. well it was it was.

I kinda of romanticized the whole thing and had nothing to compare it all. I mean, I was a little salty I was not in front of Brendon Urie Friday night as Panic at the Disco played in Birmingham.

However, I was content with the experience.

Eager to get good seats, several students arrived early and lined the concrete ramp leading up to the entrance. It was a pre-party consisting of laughter, after-concert plans and shuffling feet.
The doors were set to open at 7 p.m., but attendees did not mind the 30-minute delay, bursting through the doors as excited screams echoed through the crowd.

Staff members handled the rush of over-hyped fans with ease, checking tickets and sorting out last-minute problems. As your ticket was checked and ripped, you were presented with a gift, a LED light stick. A small party favor that played largely into setting the scene.

The majority of the crowd was seated in the bleachers, overlooking the stage set with keyboards, a turntable, and laser lights. In front of the stage was the floor section, a party all it’s own.

To start the party off, DJ Money Mic mixed and played popular tracks that kept the atmosphere lively and exciting. The floor crowd danced while the overfilled bleachers swayed to the rhythm of each song.

After an unexpected intermission, the show resumed, with a drummer sub-in. The drummer originally scheduled to go on stage was stuck in traffic. This caused about a 20-minute delay. DJ Money Mic kept spirits high during the pause, playing club beats to keep people moving.

When Jeremih finally hit the stage, the arena exploded into a roar. The excited audience waved their light sticks wildly, greeting the artist as he walked onto stage singing “Down On Me.”

After he finished the number, Jeremih introduced himself and his DJ, drawing forth screams of approval from the crowd. Jeremih then took requests from the audience. Many screamed for something off his latest album, “Late Nights,” while some wanted to dig way back through his playlist. Ultimately, Jeremih opted for both, showing flexibility in his set.

He later asked the crowd who was celebrating their birthday. Surprisingly, he pulled two female students onto the stage as a birthday gift. Jeremih then proceeded to play the crowd favorite song “Birthday Sex” as the two ladies danced on stage with the singer. One of the girls received an onstage kiss from the artist.

As the concert came to a close students filed out of the Mitchell Center spilling into the parking lot and sidewalks. Groups of students recounted their favorite part of the show while others continued to sing Jeremih’s hottest tracks.


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