The past is a scary place

This weeks module has me feeling like I seen ghost of Richard’s social media past. very scary.

I dabbled with Facebook but never really got into. In fact if one was to search for me they would find my sixth grade Christmas party pictures. I even had a girlfriend. That was way back before I came to know the flaming homosexual that I am.

I do have a Facebook again but I use it strictly for The Vanguard. It was created after much grief and resistance, but my editor-in-chief insisted. I think I have all of three friends.

Now Twitter and Instagram, I own that shit. I actively post and enjoying swiping and interacting through my feeds, multiple times a day…….. at prolonged lengths.  Sometimes unhealthy for humans. I was a huge vine fan, and when you realize that you just spent three hours watching six second videos, you really contemplate life. More so than binge watching shows on Netflix.

But, Vine is dead and gone. And our social media has changed very much since it started. Instagram even got the bold idea out of no where to have stories (cough, snapchat, cough).

As such, social media is a window into our lives. What we post, what we share and what we like. Mine being several sassy comments to the various storms in my life, multiple memes and anything worshiping the ground RiRi walks on.

I do not worry, nor do I think that my social media is a fair platform for employers to judge me on. I am who I am and I do not shy away from that or present myself as something else. I cuss, I delight in vulgar things and my humor is a bit dark at times.

All of which would not affect my professional performance. That being said, I can see where certain things could throw red flags.

“Hail Hitler” would be a major red flag for me if I was employer. A huge red flag. Like a flag on fire being waved in very panicked motions.

We are an educated people. I think we know and accept what we leave to air in the open. My generation has grew into this world, we did not plop into like older generations. I understand that I am living in a world developing toward less privacy and more connectivity.

Yeah, there is some major trade offs, like not being able to bash my ex because we have mutual friends. I also think that we as a connected people, capable of discovering ways to walk the line as our predecessors have done before us. We just need a little time.



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