A broke washer and a flooded living room

So my washer decided to break forth from its technological designs of washing clothes.

She decided that it was time for her to break free from the social constraints put onto her by her appearance. I am all for that and being what you want to be, but I was very shocked when she decided to be a roaring river, cascading water into my living room, flooding it and the two floors below me.

Yes, my washer flooded my apartment and not a little. I started some towels before I got into the shower and by time I was out I had a nature scene busting to life in my living room.

After several profanities I ran to the washer and turned it off. In search of towels to try, desperately try and dry some of the water that was now standing on my floor, I remembered that my towels were what I was washing.

Also, when you have that much water in your home, you kinda just stare at it, wondering what in the hell your supposed to do with it. You look at your worried reflection thinking “same girl. same.” at the grimaced expression plastered upon your face.

I called properties and had the whole mess taken care of though. They came and checked my washer, said they found nothing wrong, and to call if it happened again.

So now I have a washer capable of instantaneously busting into a miniature waterfall, using my floor and the foundation to create a new lake.


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