MOOCs needa gooooooo

Being a millennial and a communications major what I am about to say next may shock you- I HATE MOOCs.

This is a soap box of mine. Paul Willis opened this Pandora box and it will not close easily.

I am not and will never be a technologically savvy person. Wasn’t placed in my gene pool.  I blame my parents for raising me in a town cut-off from the outside world. No service and a monopolized wireless internet service (F**K you Centurylink) left me ignorant to the technological advances many others were experiencing. I did not even get my own cell phone till age 16. Due to this, I am inclined to the service of ANYTHING online based.

Except Youtube. That’s a gift from god and I live by the saying “when in doubt, go to Youtube to find out.”

It was not that bad, but I do vehemently hate online classes.

They are horrible. Uninteresting. Detrimental to the future of our young. They are a cancer metastasizing in our nation. In fact, I am sure, though unscientifically proven, that online classes are linked to cancer.

Don’t believe me. Well, look it up or take some online class about it.

On a slightly more serious note, I would say that even blended courses are poor for your education. While they are cheaper, I believe that the value of what you learn is severely undermined.

A glowing screen with prompts pales in comparison to the detail, enthusiasm, and animation that teachers and professors have. Computers do not have a passion for that are showing you.

It is easy to fall behind, and even easier to lose interest.

Maybe my hatred is fueled by the bitter taste left in my mouth by online classes. I have taken two and that was two too many. I passed both, but not before I cheated my way through those online exams. Which is an whole other point we could argue. But I can’t. Cause I did it. Cause I had too.


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