CMS for my life

The world wide web is truly becoming an interactive playground for anybody. ANYBODY.

With a content managing system, it turns out that you do not have to have experience in making a website. It handles everything for you. How neat, right? W

There are several options out, floating around, waiting to help push you on the swing set or guide you down the slide as you configure a wonderfully neat and superb website.

I personally like to stick to my what I have used and that is Word Press. It is very vanilla and does not try to throw any unexpected curve balls at you. The other sites try to lure you in with candy and presents and shiny glimmering gimmicks. Go if you must, but I will stick with Word Press.

It gives you plenty of plugins and widgets to add to your site. (some of which you will never need. Like that “Hey, Dolly” plugin from the video. I saw it and I lost all focus. Who doesn’t need a “Hey, Dolly” plugin?). This can be things like retweeting and Facebook sharing. Both fundamental to any business spreading the gospel of their good works and wonderful CMS generated website.

It also permits you to use both a visual and html mode. Personally, I have no idea on god’s green earth why one would take for granted the removal of having to know code though. Seriously, don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.




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