No Longer a Romantic Interest!

Well, I told you all last weekend that I went on my first date.

Well, now I have a boyfriend. Hell Hath Frozen Over.

This is groundbreaking for me on a scale I can’t begin to explain. It is a very new field for me. I mean it took 20 years for me to spin a web of lies convincing enough to lure someone in.

That being said- I am a ship cruising the ocean at night. I have never navigated the ins and outs of a romantic relationship. I understand that “I love you” is defiantly something we save for a much more developed relationship. Much. More. Developed.

Still, I am more like a clunky steam boat in these waters. Though I like to imagine I am that yacht Beyonce was jumping off of.

I have not capsized yet, but I have not had to test my sea legs yet. It has only been a week so things are still calm with smooth sailing.

I am ending the whole ship analogy here.

Maybe I should be focusing more on how happy I am and not be worried about the turn out. I am in college with plenty of years of head me and plenty of more beds to crawl in to and out of. Admit it, you thought there was gonna be a “plenty of fish in the sea” moment.

I do admit that I am finding myself a little self-conscious of my actions and words. Yet, on another side, I have this new persona to me. I have this new air of confidence to myself.

I have this sense that I do I have someone, despite the fickleness and newness that transpires around my budding relationship.

Alas there is no compass (damn it, I did it again) and there no clear destination. For now, I will enjoy the company, the cuddling and the companionship I have garnered for the moment.

Fair Weather for Fair Sailing.


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