Google has Monopolized my life….

Google has become even more handy and monopolizing in my life than I thought was humanly possible. Not only does is store all of my work in Google Drive (along with a few undisclosed photos we won’t cover here) but now it filters my email. How sophisticated!

Surely not a new service, but I have mentioned in a previous blog post that I am a helpless child when it comes to technology. I don’t dare venture off the well beaten paths clearly laid out for me on a webpage. I am overwhelmed when I accidentally hit that drop down menu in the right corner with several option and clickable labels. Dora’s map couldn’t help me navigate it.

I have however managed to filter my emails. I had much guidance. I kept it very vanilla. I didn’t try any funny business.

I filtered my CA 260 emails. Which was the example on Sakai. No personal Thought process was involved, and thus produced a very satisfying result.

I was also made clear to me that I have been very unprofessional with my emails. Who knew saying “LOL” with a kissy face emoticon was not common practice? Should I report professors and university staff who have reciprocated this  kind of behavior? What do I do with the lewd photos attached to the photos?

Contrary to my experience with professional email, here is an example of how one should behave-

“Mr. Willis,

I hope all is well. I have enjoyed your CA 260 class, especially the lab on editing video. Sadly, I have to leave your class early on Monday night. Will this be okay with you? Let me know if not.

Best wishes,

Richard Narramore

USA student


Apparently there is five sentence rule.

“Entrepreneur Guy Kawasaki explains:

Less than five sentences is often abrupt and rude, more than five sentences wastes time.”

I am enlightened now to the intricate etiquette involved with emails now. Color me sophisticated.



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