My First Date….with a boy

SOOOOOOOOOOOOO, I went on a date with a boy for time Sunday.

It was pretty amazing. For me anyway. If i managed to convince him that I am a decent human being remains to be seen.

I regard myself as white trash with a little glitter on, but maybe I managed to catch one. I always worried about my first date due to the fact that I am vulgar person. Vulgar by nature, not nurture. Not that my parents were saints, but my mother tried to raise a lady.

She was unsuccessful.

Back to the date though- we went to Steak’n Shake. He had originally wanted Starbucks, but I was not letting him escape with a coffee date. No, I carefully planned out my night so I would not available till after the baristas had gone home. He fell for the ruse.

After we got to Steak’n Shake we (I) sufficed for milkshakes. I was not about to eat in front of him. I devour food not eat it. I suppose I could have got the foot long hot dog and scarfed that down in front of his poor eyes.

I do not believe that the first date is the place to showcase your deep-throat skills. So maybe momma succeeded at a couple of things.

Hopefully I get to update you all on a second date soon. If not, the corner will be just as welcoming as it was the first I stood there.


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