I Got a Master Skin

So I did a thing! I got a master skin in Paragon!

I finally reached level 10 with one of the heroes in Paragon. Now when competitors see me on the field, they will know not to F**K WITH ME!

To inform those who do not know what that means- I gave up all appeals to be a basic human being, wasting away in the dead of night with blood shot eyes and slumped shoulders, telling myself, “Just. One. More. Game.”

Seriously though, I put in some major work for this. Neglecting school work. Allowing social relationships with those around me to crumble, the remaining dust a reminder of the casualties my commitment to Paragon has caused.

It only took me nine months to accomplish this major feat (who am I kidding, my life is a joke).

Paragon is an massive online battle arena. MOBA for short. The game is produced by EPIC, and it is….well EPIC. You and four teammates square off in a three lane arena. The formula may be generic, but the execution is phenomenal.

But this is not an advertorial for Paragon. Though I highly suggest playing the game and submitting yourself to the black hole online gaming is.

Many people are often surprised to find out I am a huge gaming nerd. The amount of hours I have sunk into Dragon Age: Inquisition, and its two predecessors, is both valiant and worrisome at the same time.

However, it is time that I select another hero from the roster, claim my throne of shame, and begin the diligent task of obtaining another master skin.


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