WOW Weebly

WOW Weebly! It is truly incredible that someone has crafted such a site as Weebly! The design of the website is so super easy and sexy sleek. So uncomplicated. Which I respect very much.

The website allows anyone to become a curator of their dreams. At least it is a good first step if you have not yet launched those dreams into action.

Weebly is super helpful and great for even those of us, yes me, that are internet illiterate and can barely operate youtube. It handles making a domain. Allows you to just drag and drop things where you want them. Anyone can drag and drop.

Weebly offers several useful features. You can add a slid show, a gallery and even a map if you need it. Maps people.

I choose the Upstart  theme provided by the charitable Weebly. I found the theme to be very clean and easy to navigate. I mentioned in my brief that I wanted to also use my website as a portfolio and I felt that Upstart employed a sense of professionalism while keeping things engaging for reader. Also, it had a leaf as the cover photo.

I love nature, you might love nature, and most people pretend to at least like nature. How committed you are to your relationship with nature is your businesses.

How committed I am to the theme? EHHH. I like it for the moment and do not see myself changing it. I like the layout. It hits all of my key elements that I am looking for. That is all anyone can really ask for.


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