My name is Richard Narramore. I am a student at The University of South Alabama and I am majoring in multi media journalism (if I do not drop out and resort to prostitution before I  graduate). I grew up in a very small town called Berry. I feel as this is important for you my readers to know for personal perspective reasons.

I am starting this blog as a project for a class, but I look forward to its upkeep and the stories that will unfold with my words.I hope to get share many other things here with you though. Personal success and failure, hilarious mistakes of a young adult, and stressful vent sessions are a couple of things I hope we get to share here.

I have never rightfully committed myself to anyone’s blog before. I would read one or two post but never religiously following a blogger. My attention was better held by vloggers on Youtube. Perhaps writing my own will create a better appreciation for the art. The art of blogging.

Hopefully this blog can be more than a “dear diary.” I am sure many journalist use blogs to post their own articles, share their own opinions, and to create a library of works for their portfolio.

For now though, this will suffice for a first entry. A first step toward bettering my writing and documenting the college experiences of small town boy.




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